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Last update December 1, 2001.


Definition of a doll.

Webster's: a child's toy made to resemble a person.

Mine: a friend, a confidante, a gift of love, but most of all an emerging personality of it's own.

Imaginations, day dreams, friendships, these all play a part in our fascination with dolls. I have loved dolls ever since I can remember, but the thing that sparked my passion is when I made a doll for the very first time. The fact that I could put needle and thread to cloth and come up with a wonderful figure, enthralled me from day one. I now have dolls every where I can fit them, and I have patterns, books, trims, fabrics and body parts galore hanging in every place. If you are a dollmaker, then you know what I mean. You know the feeling that creating such a special friend can mean, how it takes on a life, and a personality all it's own.
Many of the dollmakers I have met in person and online, tell me that they became hooked from the moment they first made a doll. I have collected dolls all my life, but there is nothing as good as the feeling that you get from creating your very own doll. I invite you to come into the daydreams that I weave of cloth and love. Whatever the reason you are here, I hope you enjoy your visit and return often. If you are not a dollmaker come along on my journey and see for yourself the ideas that spring from our daydreams and imagination.
Warm Hugs Lisa

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